Welcome to our website, with information about the association’s objectives and activities, and about our vitality research.

Biodynamic Research Association is a non-profit association, founded in 1997, and approved in 2004 as a private research institute. The association’s primary objective is to initiate research on food quality on an expanded scientific basis, as well as to disseminate knowledge of biodynamic agriculture and research, and of a holistic understanding of food quality.

Since 1997, the association has primarily made research in the following five areas:

1) 1998-2001: Effects of biodynamic preparations on plant growth.

2) 2001-2014: Development and documentation of the biocrystallisation method in collaboration with Kassel University (D) and Crystal Lab (NL).

3) 2006-2012 Application of the biocrystallisation method in homeopathic research.

4) 2014-2019 Development of vitality test for cucumbers.

5) Various dissemination activities, including the publication of the book ‘Vitality – fra muld til mave’ in 2016. An English version ‘Vitality – from soil to stomach’ appeared in 2019. A French version ‘Vitalité – de la terre à la table’. In November 2021, the English book ‘A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality’ was published. For sale of these books, see the column ‘BOOKS’.

The task for the coming years is to further develop the mentioned vitality test, including having the method established at other research institutions, as well as continuing the ongoing dissemination activities.

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